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1. a level of drunkeness that exceeds "wasted" or "f'ed up".

2. a level of drunkeness that includes violent outbursts, regretable hook-ups, verbal confrontations, and holes in walls, doors, etc., that you have to be told of the next morning b/c you don't remember anything.

3. can include cowboy boots and other funny accesories.
"man, you were fitched last night"

"he's drunk... wait no, he's FITCHED"
by Michael C May 19, 2005
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To screw up royally for no reason. When all is well and perfect and things are going smoothly then one decides to over complicate something for no reason what so ever. With a end result that leads to an epic loss without warrant of common sense. Yet doing it with the utmost entitlment and confidence.
The race car driver was in the lead until he fitched it by turned the wheel into the wall it for no reason and losing the race. Then saying it was part of the plan. When in reality there is no thought process behind it at all.
by Sad truth January 03, 2017
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