What gay fish like.

Cartman: Do you like fishsticks?

Kanye West: Yeah.

Cartman: You're a gay fish.

Kanye West: What?! Why e'rybody startin' des rumors 'bout me?! I ain't no gay fish!
by CFirenze April 10, 2009
Delicious food made out of breaded fish. If you like them, you are a gay fish.
Jimmy: "Hey, do you like fishsticks?"

Cartman: "Love 'em!"

Jimmy: "So you like to put fishsticks in your mouth?"

Cartman: "Yes, I like to fish dicks in my mouth"

Jimmy: "So you're a gay fish?"
by Pandariffic April 9, 2009
A word that Filbert from Rocko's Modern Life uses when he's in trouble.
Filbert - "oh fishsticks. I'm nauseas... I'm nauseas."
by fairly simple November 17, 2003
Fish sticks are gayfish
What you like fishsticks?
cartman : you like fishsticks?
token : yah, kinda

cartman : what? your a gayfish? hahahahah
butters : hahahahhahahahahah
clyde : hahahhahahaha
by Simlplenova April 11, 2009
A deragatory term for the New York Islanders, usually used by New York Rangers Fans.
The Fishsticks ain't worht shit.
by JonathanChance November 1, 2005
After a female uses her pointer and middle fingers to rub or to insert into her vagina; she then wipes her fingers under the nose of an unsuspecting person, similarly to that of a "Dirty Sanchez", while saying "Fishsticks". Wipe variations are acceptable, and may include the full on insertion of the fingers inside ones nose.

Fishsticks can be used as a verb or noun.

Origin: San Jose, California
"Did you see Lisa?! Lastnight she hella gave that one broad the fishsticks."
by iMadrox October 24, 2009