Fisheries can be defined as a horny fish or a sexually active couple. Fisheries is also refereed to as the knowledge of sex. It is also a synonym for a cluster fuck. Side effects of being in too many fisheries can lead to diseases such as fishaphinalia and yousnefalefagus, which prevents the consumption of aquatic mammals.

Synonyms include:

- Cluster fuck

- Group sex
Misspellings include:

- Fisherys
In the club, Nathan fished up those chicks hard.

Kyle get out of that slimy fishery

Paul attracts hordes of women with his luscious hair which can potentially create fisheries
by Absolute Buster June 8, 2010
1. Son, have you been engaging in any acts of fishery? I found a long rod and tackle in your room.
Knowing that something is not right, that something's wrong. Also, to have a bad feeling in your gut about a certain person, place or thing.
She knew as soon as she walked into the bedroom something fishery was going on.

The young boy thought to himself, "I knew something fishery was going on in here" as he unknowingly entered an all-men's Gym.
by Scott Smith 1970 August 9, 2005
A scientist who thinks that working on fishing boats counting and identifying numerous types of fish and marine species is a pretty sweet job. Doesn't enjoy getting seasick, but still spends at least 3 months of the year up in the Bering Sea, trying not to get sick while seeing more fish than most people will ever eat in a lifetime!
Everybody should be a fishery observer, but only those with a strong stomach can stick with it.
by plankton72 February 19, 2010