A Person who is attracted to other people who are Feminine In Nature or (FIN), usually used by Non-Binaries but Binary People can use it too.
I like that girl, I like that trans girl, and I might like that twink guy. Because I am finsexual.
by Bob Tistabalm November 17, 2020
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a sexual orientation where you aren't interested in any gender specifically or anyone but you are interested in Finn Wolfhard only. You aren't straight. You aren't gay. You aren't bi. You are finsexual.
"are you straight?"

"no, im Finsexual."
by mimi_zooweemama January 30, 2020
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A person who’s gay asf for fin Argus and always thinks about him all day long 24/7
And they love him so much that they can’t even sleep for overthinking about him
by Angel818 November 3, 2020
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to be in love / have sexual intentions with a discord boy named Fin , they can be varied from people at the age of 12 to 20. you can be a female/male or any gender to love a fin. they will put you through hell you will love it .
agro : im finsexual
tsu : no way me too!
nickstar yt : stfu he's mine i love fin
by Discord_AVatat101010 December 15, 2021
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