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to be in love / have sexual intentions with a discord boy named Fin , they can be varied from people at the age of 12 to 20. you can be a female/male or any gender to love a fin. they will put you through hell you will love it .
agro : im finsexual
tsu : no way me too!
nickstar yt : stfu he's mine i love fin
by Discord_AVatat101010 December 15, 2021
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an uncommon name found throughout underage Indian e girls on discord. they normally stan Ariana grande. They have an open mind about things. she is normally an introvert with fake friends (HOMOPHOBIC HRIDYA GET CALLED OUT).
person 1 : omg you dropped your books here take it
person 2 : you're such an indrina omg
by Discord_AVatat101010 May 10, 2021
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Who is cocaine. was said by a girl on discord called iris. she is clueless. Who is cocaine was said when A girl on discord called glitch said " why do I hear my teacher saying cocaine" iris- Who is cocaine. this actually is also another way for people to be bullied. what makes it funny is the .
Glitch : Omg why do i hear my teacher say cocaine
Iris : Who is cocaine.
by Discord_AVatat101010 May 18, 2021
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