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When you get your dick sucked by a fat ugly rabbit with curly hair, also known as finker.
Big Sushi: "Yo man, that rabbit had me finked as hell"

Ian: "Wow"
by Ian Meindl September 27, 2018
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Extremely fucked up, to the point where you remember this word and scream it. Wrecked to the point where this word actually fits your status.

frequently used after taking several large hits of marijuana, or about 20 minutes after taking many shots thinking you could handle it.
guy1: yo, you were killin it takin shots earlier

guy2: I'm FINKED!


immediately after you milk a bong rip you are FINKED
by the dick of the school November 09, 2010
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The act of a sober male taking advantaged of an intoxicated female at a party. The male involved is referred to as the finker and is often creepy, skinny, and extremely pale.
Can you believe Kelly got finked twice?!
by Sit0nMyThumb October 31, 2010
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