The Act of masturbating while one is in a hurry, or has a limited amount of time.
Man i walked out to the parking lot to see what James was doing before lunch, and i caught him finishing up in his van.
by B-I-G--B-O-Y January 12, 2009
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Finishing food from a previous meal. Similar in description to that of leftovers. In fact, basically the same. However, no one else seems to use this slang.
Enrico: What are you having for dinner tonight Jose?

Jose: Just some finish ups from last night.
by Banyos February 10, 2011
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'Finishing up at the gym' when you are on a work trip and you are masturbating in your hotel room and your work colleges ask where you are, you respond "I'm finishing up at the gym"
Yeah Dan, I'm just finishing up at the gym. I'll be down in about 20 minutes. And then you think to yourself shit I got to finish up and clean up quickly
by Dave and Dan in Singapore February 16, 2023
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