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After a High Five, when one or both parties maintain finger contact just a little too long, implying a desire for more intimate physical contact that may not be appropriate at the time.
She finger lingered after we high fived so I'd know she wanted sex later.
by Gimmefive June 13, 2016
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v: to finger linger; when a girl continues to masturbate well after achieving desired goal, just cause she's bored/wrongly thinks she'll climax again
(Girl thinking to herself) "man if only i didn't finger linger last night it wouldn't burn down there...crap i'm doing it again aren't i?"
by itsakadoozey January 24, 2010
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When you put all your fingers in a girl's vagina and just leave them in there without doing anything
I bet he's a pussy who gives people the finger linger
by Denumcarne May 23, 2016
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