Fine Asf-is a compliment given to others when attractive or pleasing, while "asf" means as f*ck.
"Look at this girl on Insta, she's fine asf right"
by Depressed(:( January 9, 2022
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not pretty,cute,beautiful,gorgeous, hot,sexy it is when a female is the best of the best looking and have a great personality
David: Yo who was that girl you were talking to she is FINE ASF! is she single?
Wade: That is my wife mackenzie and I know she is FINE ASF and no she is not single bro
David: My bad bro I didn't know
by Blackdaddyw April 26, 2023
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chad: “omg you see that girl over there? she’s fine asf.”
brad: “yea thats emma, she IS fine asf.”
by marcy leager January 17, 2023
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