My pink is like my yellow but it's like a bestfriend and to me a yellow is like your soulmate
Person1: you are my pink
Person2:what is a pink?
Person1:it's like a soulmate but as a bestfriend a friend you want to keep forever
Person2: ok then you are my pink too
by Thatgenzpangirl December 26, 2020
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someones best friend. the reason why you wake up in the morning
person 1: you’re my pink.
person 2: what’s that?
person 1: you mean everything to me.
by lolztbh January 30, 2021
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someone like your yellow just best friend version. the person/people who make you the happiest.
person 1: your my pink
person 2: whats a pink?
person 1: someone who’s your best friend who makes you the happiest.
by jayla <3 💓💓 April 19, 2021
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Instead of being someone's yellow, being someone's pink is even stronger. It signifies love and protection. Being someone's pink usually means that they love another person to the point it hurts, or never ending love.
by peatalmao January 03, 2021
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Girl: “”I wanna dye my hair pink””

Guy: same.

* sex initiates*
by 2Hawt2Handol August 21, 2021
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