- A character probably born from fantasy/fiction but which is actually real to those who have feelings for them;
- Cause of both happiness and pain in many people;
- Someone from a story you wish you don't fall for but you do.
-Hey, I'm dating a fictional character.
-Bellatrix Black! She's real!
by Bitchy.Witch February 17, 2022
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A person in a book or movie who isn’t real. SO STOP SIMPING FOR HIM!
I think Aaron Warner is cute but he is a FICTIONAL CHARACTER! AHHHHHHNHH!
by BadBleepOfMarvel March 16, 2021
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5-year-old: Fictional characters are weird.
Mother: That is not ok! Never bash any group of people.
by frabrizio March 8, 2017
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the greatest piece of fiction ever created obito uchiha.
who’s the best fictional character? “it’s obito uchiha” the word fiction means something that is made up not real obito is a fictional character that belongs to the naruto series he’s the main antagonist and the best by far so the Greatest fictional character means obito uchiha
by locks#1460 September 9, 2021
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