An imagnary part of the body in Rainbow Six 3 that cannot be harmed or seen in anyway , even from behind.
"The guy behind the door poped out and shot him in the back of the fibula."
by DaRkRaVeN3 August 21, 2005
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Steve: I thought you weren't coming? Your wife was raging!

Chris: I told her I was working till' close on the bar. A fibula but not too far from the truth, let's rage!
by Alexandaaar August 17, 2010
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A liar of the worst type. They will attempt to float a tall tale, in the hopes that those around them will simply accept said information at face value, therefore becoming bitten and infected with the bad blood of misinformation.If caught, the Count will attempt to become a bat and flitter away, but generally they become cornered and are made to confess to their misdeed.
Kevin said he dated that supermodel last summer, but she told me another story. Count Fibula strikes again.
by Brold July 17, 2009
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