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(Fire-reah) Need I say more??

Much like Diarrhea but with an added bonus of what ever spicy food you ate the night before.
That thai food last night gave me Fiarrhea, oooh it burns!
by dday85204 September 18, 2011
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(n.) Extremely painful condition that occurs after eating any variety of extremely hot food such as habanero peppers. Fiarrhea causes a violent expulsion of the spicy material with very little digestion, resulting a fiery hell in the anus. The output is very gaseous and acidic, which more noxious than what was eaten. The victim of fiarrhea must spend many painful loathing hours on the toilet, regretting that culprit bowl of extra-hot dose of demon salsa.
Sorry, I won't be in to work today, I have a bad case of fiarrhea, in fact, I may need a colon transplant.
by bumbobway April 09, 2004
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The act of shooting fire out of your ass during a tough diarrhea session early in the morning. This may cause a swollen asshole for many days.
Yo bro, why is your bathroom on fire?" " I think Luke had that number 7 from taco bell last night. He's got that Fiarrhea.
by big dick 23 September 16, 2010
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Excrement from the anus usually caused by the digestion of spicy foods. The fecal matter is characterized by a diarrhea-like consistency and results in a burning sensation of varying degree on or around the anus. Particularly unpleasant when mixed with a hangover.
I got the fiarrhea from that spicy shit I ate after going to the bar last night
by Mikesasage January 10, 2006
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An agonizing type of Diarrhea that fiendishly licks and tickles the pain receptors of your anus. Most commonly the result of ingesting excessive amounts of spicy foods. Fiarrhea is at least kind enough to fire a round of warning shots, although these are probably the worst part of all. Scalding hot and rapid farts scrape and crawl out of your crack, leaving a massacre of singed ass hairs in their wake. The burning sensation clings to your nether regions long after the shit storm has passed. Wiping only intensifies the burning.
Bruce: "Your spaghetti with Frank's Red Hot is sure to give me Fiarrhea later tonight."
Mikhail: "I don't care."
Bruce: *gentle sobbing*
by Papa Emeritus Jr May 20, 2016
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The fiery explosion that follows the consumption of spicy foods such as Hot Cheetos, Buffalo Wings, or any types of Mexican or Indian food.
Guy 1: Dude, we shouldnt have eaten all those hot wings at the bar last night.

Guy 2: I know, my butthole is still burnin' from that fiarrhea!
by damnthatsHOT July 12, 2011
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