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To have a festival, celebrate, and/or party with great zeal and to an almost superfluous extent.

The word combines both festival and celebrate in order to describe a formerly unknown level of revelry. Instead of the normal levels of celebration, partying and festivities, this transcends popular convention to ascertain a deity-like level of merriment.

An occasion in which this occurs is known as a festivation.
1. Dude, my bro Josh is coming back from being in Afghanistan for, like, a year. We're throwing a huge festivation for him.

2. Yo, it's been a shitty week. I'm gonna hit the clubs and festivate so hard in there, I'll get kicked off the strip for life!
by randymcgr April 07, 2011
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To get festive, to get in the Holiday Spirit.
"I'm tired of all of you pooh-poohing the office Holiday Party. They'll have free booze and food! C'mon, it's time to festivate!"
by Aubrey Sabala November 30, 2006
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