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amon amarth is quite possibly the best metal band ever. epic lyrics touching on norse and pagan mythology. melodic yet heavy guitar riffs and brutal drums. this is the best
check out amon amarth's new album fate of norns
by ffhk1 June 05, 2005

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Dying Fetus is a kick ass death metal band.
Dude you going to see dying fetus and skinless tonite?
by ffhk1 June 05, 2004

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a kia is a shitty korean car that dies when driving up hill. acronym for Killed in Atempt to by weed. please do yourself a favor and burn any kia you see.
shitty shit shit shit No.
by ffhk1 July 30, 2004

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Chronchitis is bronchitis you get after smoking marijuana nonstop for a long ass time, like when youre stoned all week then you got chronchitis. Symptoms include excessive nasty sounding coughs, and haziness. Cure: lay off the bud for a few days.
God damn dude we shouldn't half smoked that whole lid at once, I think i got chronchitis.
by ffhk1 May 29, 2004

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Awesome black metal solo project by a German named René Kanwulf Wagne. Started in 1991. Most famous for the song BLACK METAL IST KRIEG.
"Black Metal ist Krieg!"
by ffhk1 December 01, 2005

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Getting together with friends and getting stoned and doing mind expanding drugs. Generally on a friday night or during the weekend, but there are occurences of week day festivities on rare occasions. Good times.
Dude, festivities tonite. Don't forget to hit up tha weed man.
by ffhk1 August 25, 2004

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the race in world of warcraft played mostly by noobs, little kids, and chinese gold farmers. if you happen to be horde and on a pvp server, corpse camp them as much as possible because they don't deserve to play the game for picking such a lame looking race.
haha i corpse camped that night elf so much that he logged out and deleted his charecter then killed himself. i rock.
by ffhk1 June 16, 2006

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