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amon amarth is quite possibly the best metal band ever. epic lyrics touching on norse and pagan mythology. melodic yet heavy guitar riffs and brutal drums. this is the best
check out amon amarth's new album fate of norns
by ffhk1 June 5, 2005
Another boring power metal band with a singer that sounds like his nuts are caught in a vice. They would be a great band with a real singer. Just too bad to see these talented musicians with such a terrible singer.
Waaaaah! I'm screaming like I have my nuts in a vice! -singer of dragonforce
by ffhk1 May 19, 2006
big, shitty, yet slightly intimidating country that used to exist to eventually cause the world to die with nuclear holocaust. Would have saved America from stupidity. We were supposed to die like 40 years ago. after 1962 we just sucked cock. Just look around.. no nuclear holocaust = too many people, kids doing drugs, richard nixon.

USSR pwn3z everything your face yo momma hoe.
by ffhk1 December 14, 2004
place where you go to live if you wanna make crappy wages, be surrounded by hicks , or if you move to a city niggers, sweat your ass off in the summer and freeze your ass off in the winter. most southern girls are ugly and most southern guys are idiots. keeps the 'manufactured home' (aka trailor) industry in business. a cultural wasteland. the people cannot let go of a war that happened 140 years ago.
the south is the butthole, armpit, and scrotum of the united states.
by ffhk1 May 24, 2005
Awesome black metal solo project by a German named René Kanwulf Wagne. Started in 1991. Most famous for the song BLACK METAL IST KRIEG.
"Black Metal ist Krieg!"
by ffhk1 December 2, 2005
Getting together with friends and getting stoned and doing mind expanding drugs. Generally on a friday night or during the weekend, but there are occurences of week day festivities on rare occasions. Good times.
Dude, festivities tonite. Don't forget to hit up tha weed man.
by ffhk1 August 26, 2004