Festa means festival in Italy and other Mediterranean countries. But you can get that from google, so heres an urban dictionary definition:
Festa is annual celebration by the Korean group BTS, held to celebrate their anniversary. For a week and a half leading up to the anniversary of their debut, 13th June, they release more music, interviews, photo collections, special videos and more. When Festa starts, BTS fandom create a BTS week wherein they appreciate each of the 7 members for each day of the week, in fanchant order of course.
Army 1: Hey, have you heard the Spring Day remix they released for the Festa opening ceremony?
Army 2: Sis have I heard it?? That shit SLAPS, I downloaded souncloud just to put it on repeat.
by Tupac Shakur’s Son June 4, 2018
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Festa is a female dog's name. She is often easy to handle and very obedient. She walks very graceful, and is very nice.
What's the dog's name" "Festa!" "Oh that suits perfectly!
by kikpo April 9, 2011
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a girl who is either really nasty (un-hygenic) or who you have no interest in, or both. especially applies if that girl is way too into you or pitifully desperate. comes from verb:Festering see def.
man that festa courtney keeps calling me.

ugh, sorry dude that girl is butt nasty, just keep ignoring her and she'll get the message.

doubt it, she keeps showing up at my HOUSE man.

by lemurpie July 15, 2008
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Festa is a very rare disease only found in the Miami suburb of Hialeah. Particularly the area surrounding, but not limited to, Hialeah Senior High. Although there is some speculation as to how one can contract it, scientist believe it is via coming in contact with bodily fluids such as skeet and feces. The disease goes through 79 stages before finally killing the victim in agonizing fashion, usually with the genitalia of the victim falling off.

As of 2006, there is only one known victim in the United States.
Boy: I have stage 69 Festa.
Girl: So all your pubes fell off?
Boy: Yeah.
Girl: Damn.
by MAFHialeah November 5, 2006
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this boy has a 1inch cock, he is a bald spotty cunt who likes boys as well..he fucked a dog!
by Hilly Willy December 7, 2003
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To bum or suck up 2 another person, as well as interfering or trying to find what some one is up 2.
Your mum festarin, seein what u what up 2 the nite before.
If you festa another person by trying to be their friend.
by wag1 March 6, 2006
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Worst place ever. This is where people get a better understanding of who they are. But it still sucks. If your not popular you get treated like trash.
Thank GOD I'm out of that shit hole, Felix Festa.
by Joanna Berklog June 30, 2009
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