A moniker for the word anus. Fennel is a vegetable available at most supermarkets, which just so happens to share the PLU code as anise: a similar vegetable. Anise sounds like anus, which is why fennel=anus.

Note: the PLU code is 4515, which is also used in place of the word anus.
Kevin: Did you pick up any fennel at the supermarket?
Mark: No, that's disgusting.
by 4515champ December 29, 2011
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1) fennel is another word for a piece of ass
2) fennel can be used in place of the word "fuck"
3) fennel is a veggie and seed
1) Saxum: There is some nice fennel over by the fresh rack.
Caughron: Word.

2) Caughron: What the fennel is going on?
by Masta Produce August 25, 2005
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A last name typically reserved for the awesome, artistic bitches of the world. Though it is English at first glance, a Russian married into the surname long ago and to the Motherland, this name now rings true.Though no one ever properly pronounces this beauty of a name (Fah-nell), its owner holds no grudge against the violator of the sanctity of the name. This name goes well with first names like Laura or Rose.
"I wanna be like ________ Fennell when I grow up."
by Charm Investment July 11, 2008
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To undertake a dispicable act.
'I caught the dirty little so-and-so fenneling the other day'.
by Clifford The Love Bunny December 04, 2004
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when the dirtiest man alive (john fennell) fucks you in the ass.
grant crider fennelled a six year old last night
by john fennell April 01, 2005
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A big black kid with a 12 in dick and a 16 incher when he is hard
ROb said MAx's dick looks like a black annaconda
by Ty November 17, 2004
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A tea never to be smelt after shots of sambuca...
it's for cool people obviously... it treats constipation, relaxes the muscles, and helps blob cramps, PMS, bloating, boosts your metabolism and libido, helps sore throat, eyes and fever.
I had blob pains so i drank fennel tea...
by EFairy October 02, 2009
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