where you can get pussy, money weed and of course meth. located in the SE region of Portland, Or. This place is white boy felon capitol. hit the pipe and the pussy in felony flats.
I was gettin head while smokin shards in felony flats. felony flats got the cracker jack felons
by big balls October 19, 2015
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A broad term used by PDX locals to describe SE Portland neigborhoods.
Yeah, I just moved into the flats, or Its dirt cheap living in felony flats.
by shannon2323 March 15, 2009
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a working class section of the Portland OR Metro Area, straddling the border between Southeast Portland and Milwaukie, whose residents account for a disproportionate number of arrests and convictions.
Of course the rent is low. That address is in Felony Flats. Keep driving.
by Buccaneer February 27, 2004
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Neighborhood in S.E. Portland Oregon where most of the population are ex felons AKA the White boy hood
hood white boys felons flats Portland southeast felony flats
by The Butcher WoodstockMafia March 11, 2013
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term given to the tweeker chics seen tweekin' around the streets of PDX's Felony Flats, doing what & who they can for their next tweek.
There goes one of Portland's fine felony flats divas!!
by tamtamma October 8, 2009
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