Felicitas is the fucking best. Bootiful Mind. Bootiful face. Bootiful ass.
Dayum, Felicitas is so cute.
by Syndrox October 14, 2020
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short mexican thick a badd bitch knows what she doin wid her life. parties out the ass she give dem bomb ones only fucks wit a few; keeps to her self a lot. out going loud. always thinks positive. gots hella haters; one of a kind; well knows! loves attention..keeps it 100 wit everyone
1:man yu see felicitas right there
2:chea bruah she bad
by ehmrlw11009 December 7, 2010
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kinda hot wishes to be one of those bad pansexual bitches on tik Tok but has no social skills, her parents are hella street so she’s not coming out of the closet for some time. Swag, just swag.
You: my name is Felicitas
Someone: that means you are very swag
by Pichxkq May 6, 2021
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A very generous person. Care for family and friends. Animal lover. Puts other before her self. A daddy's girl. Fun person to be around. But once gets tipsy can be hilarious! Once there hear her name they know what's coming!
Felicita. A lady who Carey's herself like a queen.
by Briasha December 16, 2013
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A happy person. Puts other’s needs before her own. Humanitarian. Keeps to herself but will be there for those who need her. Animal lover. Loyal, faithful, honest and blunt. Doesn’t sugarcoat. Will not hesitate to say whats on her mind. Doesn’t care about what other’s think or say about her. Wont hesitate to tell you about yourself! Queen petty so stay on her good side or get ready for the petty wrath. Loves whole heartedly. Loves to make people laugh and loves to laugh as well. She is the one person you can always lean on and count on and she will not let you down. Hardworking, responsible and reliable. Sometimes procrastinates but gets things done. Secret keeper! Her bonds are for life as long as you dont cross her, she will always have your back!
Felicita is my best friend I can call her and vent about anything and know that she wont tell a soul.

I’m going to call Felicita she never lets me down. I can always count on her to have my back.
by La Boricua Bella November 23, 2021
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A very popular and known Warrior/Ranger in the Pre-searing world of Guild Wars. Leader of the Guilds NOVA and AION, member of the KING Guild. You can usally see this person in Ascalon City, District 1. She is level 16,and going for the Legendary Defender of Ascalon title in pre-searing, which is getting to level 20 IN Pre-searing.
"Take no Charr prisoners!!!"
Felicitas Andromeda pwns Tyria!
by Mila Farbenfroh April 3, 2007
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A PC Music Polish-English DJ and electronic producer who is mostly known for collaborating with AG-Cook as the Lipgloss Twins.
Hey, have you listened to felicita's first release on PC Music "heads will roll / I will devour you" yet? It's a banger!
by CarkyAmsterAlt May 3, 2022
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