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Fauxpresentation is when an entity or entities do the BARE MINIMUM to represent a marginalized group, minority, and the underrepresented with shallow interest. The efforts made to include said groups is usually half-assed, cloying, offensive, stereotypical, etc. Faux-presentation usually happens, but is not exclusive to, when people want more money, clout, votes, album sales, and etc.
Most political campaigns use fauxpresentation of minorities around election time but neglect them after election season is over.
by KissTheDragon September 18, 2018
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A wave of emotions that sometimes cannot be adequately explained.
by KissTheDragon June 28, 2012
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A whiny person of mixed race who can't stand being called out on their privilege. They have a tendency to resort to white girl tears Cryracials are self absorbed, entitled, and think they are experts on racial issues by simply being mixed. Cryracials also have a tendency to use minorites and minority status for personal gain but can care less about the actual group.
Emma (mixed race) resorted Cryracial antics when she got called out by Zara (fully black) for saying that her loosely curled hair was hard to do. Emma cried crocodile tears when Zara explained to her that she had no excuse for her hair to be looking like a hot mess.
by KissTheDragon September 30, 2018
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