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A wave of emotions that sometimes cannot be adequately explained.
Watching Back To The Future gives me all sorts of nostalgic feels.
by KissTheDragon June 28, 2012

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A politically driven pageant held every year, typically in August. The final results are chosen before the show, and the crown goes to the highest bidding nation. The results are usually bizarre, and polarizing. The girls who deserve to win are robbed of their crown.
Did you see the Miss World 2012 competition? The final three were nowhere near the top or anyone's favorites. Everyone was shocked at the winner. That politricks for ya!

Hey girl you missed the senior class talent show. They pulled a Miss World on us!
by KissTheDragon August 18, 2012

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Fauxpresentation is when an entity or entities do the BARE MINIMUM to represent a marginalized group, minority, and the underrepresented with shallow interest. The efforts made to include said groups is usually half-assed, cloying, offensive, stereotypical, etc. Faux-presentation usually happens, but is not exclusive to, when people want more money, clout, votes, album sales, and etc.
Most political campaigns use fauxpresentation of minorities around election time but neglect them after election season is over.
by KissTheDragon September 18, 2018

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People who group together online to fight tooth and nail to defend George Zimmerman. These people troll on all sorts of websites putting down Trayvon Martin, and his family. They are also quick to pass judgement on anyone who tries to bring up the facts. These people will stop at nothing to defend George Zimmerman. They have already declared him an innocent man, yet are the first to complain that he's going through trial by media.
"The Zimmermob love to hangout on Yahoo, and post racist comments."

"The Orange County Courthouse finally posted the date of the trial for the Trayvon Martin case. I know the Zimmermob are sweating bullets."

Only the Zimmermob think that Skittles and Ice Tea are weapons.
by KissTheDragon October 17, 2012

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