Used to indicate hand manipulation of a broad's mingue.

Accompanied by a hand motion at the approximate height of a woman's vagina, palm facing up, fingers repeatedly opening and closing.
TC: hey, what do you think of that bird over there, balls?
Balls: She's nice... I'd love to feed her pony
TC: Better shave them pork chops then, she may not be interested in you.
by Johny Eyeball June 13, 2003
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Feeding it/her the beans (also sometimes heard as "feed her the onions") means to redline a vehicle and/or generally just feed the carburetor or throttle body lots of fuel.
"Just fuckin' feed her the beans bud."
"Texas-sized 10-4 good buddy."
by Vermont Slang December 19, 2020
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An act of consensual feeding using a certain appendage of the male variety. This originated in 1703 in Europe during times of drought. All that would grow in the dry climate was corn and it quickly became a staple to many poor families. The women quickly became bored of corn, as they do with everything. The lower class males then coined this term because all they could provide to their wives was corn and dick.
"Suh dude, you 'feed her the corn'' last night?"

"ooooooh yea bro!"
by IncredibleC February 27, 2017
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Telling a person what they want to hear although it may not be truthful.
He told her he loved her when he didn’t, he was feeding her grapes.
by Sweetheart Bear May 21, 2021
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Letting the leg kick and the hands chop
“Did you see Cameron at the rave?” , “No, but I heard he was ‘feeding her’ some” .
by Kenyourselfg March 15, 2023
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