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super mega awesome person who makes people laugh because she's so awesome people would kill to be her friend thats how awesome she is
by M3GaAAn!;438 September 21, 2013
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A gift that you only use when the person who gave it to you is around
My wife was coming to visit my office, so I quickly pulled out all my feebees... my mini-fountain, wooden heart statue, and bonzai tree... and set them on my desk.
by TheFoxyRoxy September 15, 2009
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"eww, you banged that feebee?"

"bro, I would not go near that fucking feebee"

"yeah I would maybe do the feebee, after about 50 beers"
by Johnny_X April 01, 2008
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A type of spork that has two prongs instead of the standard three or four.
I wish I had a feebee for all this potato salad!
by smartAleck54 February 12, 2017
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