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Men that commonly wear fedoras in their style. They feel it looks good on them and makes them looks like gentlemen when really it doesn't. They also feel superior and more intellectual than others while bragging about it. They often get friendzoned and once they do, they never shut up about it. They are the ones that commonly call themselves "nice guys".
Hey did you see Carl yesterday? I saw him wearing a fedora. I guess he's a Fedorian too now.
by stoopidman June 26, 2013
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A character in the upcoming flop; Dragon Age: Inquisition, written by the walking PR disaster David Gaider.
Fedorian is easily identifiable by his hilariously bad taste in MS Paint facial hair and the fact that he's "fully gay".
"I'm here to set things right. Also?
To look dashing. That part's less difficult."
- Meet Fedorian
by James R. Ustler July 22, 2014
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