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You've left third base already, but failed to reach home. Now you are currently stuck in the twilight zone of an awkward, in-between base. I am not talking baseball.
Jerry left Bible study early, so 4th base was as far as we got.
by Skullwood June 21, 2015
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One of the coolest hats known to man. Worn by 1920's business men, Indiana Jones, and private detectives - All of which have legendary levels of manliness. Some what ironic because the Fedora started as a hat made for women.

Now used by people who think the fedora will make them look cooler, but don't realize that a t-shirt and a pair of jeans does not work with a fucking fedora. Still the Fedora will always be the coolest of hats. Regardless of who wears it.
Luke: What type of hat is that? Is that a Bowler hat?

Chris: No it's a Fedora, like the one in Indiana Jones.

by Skullwood November 10, 2009
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An ingenious codename for an ugly or unattractive person; Someone you have no desire to have sex or smooch with. As made famous by agent Bert Macklin from Parks & Recreation.
Agent Macklin: You can address me as "Eagle One."

Anne, Codename: "Been there, done that."

April is "Currently doing that."

Chris, Codename: "If I had to pick a dude."

Ben is..."Eagle Two."
by Skullwood June 21, 2015
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