Hater #1: Yo look at that fat muther fucker over there.
Hater #2: Which one?
Hater #1: That FRB with the front-butt
Hater #2: Fo Sho Nigga
by Con#1 June 24, 2012
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Short for Fucking Retarded Bitch Syndrome, this syndrome is a more drastic extension of Low IQ Syndrome (LIQS). A person with FRBS is usually registered with the crippling disability mere days after being diagnosed with LIQS. The first signs of having been diagnosed with FRBS are usually verbal, in the form of saying "I love Fortnite and ROBLOX, please daddy ROBUX, love me!"

This very specific phrase is transmitted by the disability. FRBS is a degenerative disability, and rapidly worsens as days go on until the disabled person is legally identified as a troglodyte.
"Hey man, those kids we fought with last night have FRBS, morons..."

"I think my son has FRBS..."

"Don't be dramatic, why do you think that?"
*son walks in the room*
"I love Fortnite and ROBLOX, please daddy ROBUX, love me!"
by zyzr July 01, 2019
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Person 1: FRB all day

Person 2: FRB??

Person 1: Fully reppin Birmingham
by Pank12334 January 17, 2012
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an acronym. frb stands for "for real bro". to be used in conjunction with "dbsb"
to be used in double agreement, as in
person 1: "that was a good fucking burrito"
person 2: "dbsb"
person 1: "frb"
by ruhl March 31, 2008
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Kate needed a place to stay, so she only used him for FRB.
by not wholly racist April 21, 2019
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