Cuz the boys has NNN the girls has to have fingerless February. This is a new tradition and I hope no one fingers a shit. FLF FOR LIFE.
The girls are not allowed to finger themself in the whole month of February. Fingerless February
by Yore boiii November 5, 2019
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Fingerless February is a challenge revolving around absence, like the No Nut November but for girls. They can't use their finger or any other objects to masturbate themselves or other girls for all the month.

Zero strikes allowed.
A: Hey! How's FingerLess February going for you?
B: I lasted only 2 days, i'm a loser.
by AjexSutri November 3, 2020
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The whole month of February, girls are not allowed to masterbate
John: Hey Jessica, are you ready for Fingerless February
by BobbyMcGuffin69 November 5, 2020
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fingerless february is something all women must do, and involves one month a year (february) where you are not allowed to finger yourself or be fingered.

also called FF.
- hey, r u doing fingerless february this year?
- yeah girl it’s gonna be hard
- i know i know good luck by the way
- thanks u 2
by 123cn321 November 4, 2019
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A female must finger her self once on February 1st. Twice on February 2nd and so on all the way to the 28th.
Girl: you doin flabby finger February?

Girl: yesssss girl my fingers finna have scoliosis and arthritis
by Cam38118 November 26, 2019
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For the trilogy of months like "No Nut November" or "Destroy Dick December" Fluffy February (FF) could be a month where participants have to choose a certain real or fictional animal (animal characters work too) and talk about them 24/7 with friends and relatives for the whole month.
example of a normal conversation with your friend
You: Hey you participating in Fluffy February?
Your Friend: Yeah man.
You: What animal are you gonna cho- oh wait let me guess-

You and Your friend at the same time: Ralsei
Your friend that talks about deltarune 24/7: wait how did you kno-
by averagedogenjoyer January 24, 2022
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