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Pronounced Fo'mosexual
Directly regarding a straight man who parties at Gay clubs acting Gayly in hopes of going home with a woman who thinks he's never had sex with a woman before.
Carrie: "Last night I turned a gay man straight." "He couldn't resist my sexuality."

Beth: " Girl, you just got 'GOT' by a Feauxmosexual."
by Cochise's Lounge June 17, 2008
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A type of bro that acts very touchy with his other bro friends, but will scream "no homo" if he so much as thinks about another man for more than a second. Common fare in frat houses.
Thaddeus: "Dude, have you noticed how much of a feauxmosexual Chet is"

Grant: "Of course I have, the dude tried to feel up my dick and said it was to compare sizes."

Thaddeus: "bro"
by Punkxican October 20, 2016
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