When you are so intensely afraid of another individual that you reach a point of sexual arousal. The fear boner is a sign of submission to a more powerful individual.
I hope Professor Tony Yueng didn't see my fear boner in class today.
by Tod Jenkins September 15, 2010
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Sexual arousal brought on by the excitement and/or anticipation of something that would otherwise be terrifying to a normal person.
Watching the trailer for ‘IT 2’ gave me a raging Fear Boner.
by Dean Wilton May 11, 2019
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An unexpected boner provoked by a frightening experience or unusually strong or dangerous potential mate.
Sally: I'll break your fucking nose, Tom.
Tom: Fear boner, activate!
by jpb103 May 4, 2016
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\'fir 'bo-nər\

An erection caused by a sexy, usually menopausal, MILF/GILF that gives the recipient varied feelings of confusion, intoxication, intrigue, elation, disgust, excitement, sadness, delight, and fear.
//getting a fear boner from your Step-Dad's drunk aunt when her tiddie flops out at the family BBQ

When an 18 - 25-year-old male inexplicably becomes sexually aroused because a funny, hot 45-year-old or older MILG/GILF looks at him; generally leaving him with an uncontrollable urge to masturbate while ugly-crying.
//rushing off to beat-out a fear boner your buddy's mom gave you when she smiled at you
Why is Ronnie spending so much time in the bathroom, Dude?
My Step-Mom gives him raging fear boners.

I get savage fear boners when Stiflers Mom smiles like that!
by Immortallight1974 October 29, 2023
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