A generic slander for anyone who is of asian descent, or at least a bit dirty. It is also the name of a popular takeaway in Glasgow.
Your a fucking fazi
Mate, your a fazi
Fazi's curry house
by FaziCurrys December 3, 2010
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When you're too fat and lazy to say "fat and lazy" you say fazy.
Wanna know how fazy kip is?
He's so fazy that he made up a word to say fat and lazy at the same time.
by Betty Crocker's Knockers June 22, 2006
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{{{ Fazi-Gami }}} a revolutionary new science created via the research done in order to create the book {{{ ANGELS ON THE ARK }}}.

In short research has uncovered thousands of individual {{ PICTOGRAPHS }} on each and every {{{ $1BILL }}} and by folding the {{{ $1BILL }}} in certain configurations similar to that of {{ ORIGAMI }} the author has discovered that there is actually an exact replica of a {{ SKULL & BONES WITH TEETH }} that indeed was placed there by a secret society known as the {{ Yale Skull and Bones Society 1832 }},

Thus far no one on earth has been able to discredit his findings however {{{ Fazi-Gami }}} reveals several hundred other pictographs on the Obverse in Reverse of the {{{ $1BILL }}}. Place {{ Skull and Bones with Teeth }} into Google to see these videos ~
Examples of {{{ Fazi-Gami }}} include precise pictographs Of an Actual Skull and Bones with Teeth on the {{{ $1BILL }}} via one simple fold. However more complex examples that will reveal the {{{ Six winged Seraphim }}} and the BULLOCK or CALF that are discussed in the book of Revelation 4; seven as two of the four beasts can also be seen using these folding methodology. 77 EXAMPLES of {{{ Fazi-Gami }}} can be seen by going to YouTube and placing {{{ $1BILL }}} into the search box.
by HoodwinkedbyanAngel Michael October 29, 2012
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the act of being famous and crazy
little black child says, "momma, when i grow up, i wanna be fazy!" mom says, "girl whatcha you talkin about fazy??" child says, "imma be famous and crazy!"
by jackalyn October 3, 2007
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1. to go fucking crazy which = FAZY
2. to be fuck up (drunk) and act crazy which = FAZY
1. damn that girl was actin hella fazy in class today.
2. lets all get fazy tonight!
by ayydean September 3, 2008
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Abbrevation for Fucking Crazy.
"Did you see that, that was fazy bro"
by Mucho Machado September 13, 2006
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