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Ghetto word for a 40 ounce bottle of beer. Ex. Haffenreffer, Sterling or Colt .45. Easy to get busted up on 3 fawtys.
"Nigger done slashed me with a busted fawty." "Tyrone gone and drank a bunch o' fawtys, then busted up his bitch." "She gonna look a whole lot better when I pop dees fawtys in my belly." "Poppa done bashed up Mama afta he shot 5 fawtys." "Quit axin me how many fawtys I drank."
by Johnny Rotten Pants October 28, 2008
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A "Fucking Hottie", or as some may say "Fucking Hawty". A Fawty is an incredibly beautiful and sexually appealing girl/guy.
A: "Damn, check out that sex Fawty at 10 o' clock."

B: "She is beautiful and Sexually appeals to me. =p"
by Blake Boyd January 13, 2009
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