an ugly ass looking person that gives head to themselves while taking a shower
Olivia´s brother caught her being a Fawn.
by September 15, 2020
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Baby products with a mission of supporting children in foster care.
We will use fawn and foster when we have our baby.
by Joelbe85 January 5, 2018
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Is a crackhead radiating energy in its natural habitat. She is really pretty and hot, attracting all the boys, and is THICCA THAN A SNICKA! She is popular and really good at sports, especially softball, and is an absolute beast at video games. She is nice a lot of times, but don’t piss her off. A Fawne ain’t afraid to smack a bitch. Birthstone is normally emerald, which is one of the best kinds of Fawnes. They are literally the fucking craziest person in the entire world who are hilarious and don’t give two shits about what people think about them. If you know or have a Fawne, Cherish them until they die, even agree m after they die. You know what, sneak into their coffin, no one will know 🤫
Guy 1: Holy shit she’s sexy. Who is she? Wait, did she just down that whole can of baked beans?
Guy 2: Oh her? That’s Fawne. You should totally ask her out.
by urlocaldumpsterfire March 31, 2020
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Similar meaning to “is rightcommon misconception that is means “I’m gay
We’re having pizza for dinner, fawn right
by niccypants101 February 17, 2022
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"To Fawn" Doing the fawn, invented by a yound chap named Dav; a hideously effeminate prance across the room with one hand above your head, the other cradled in before the (preferably hairy)hest and one leg cocked coyly in front...inspired by Mr Tumnus. An excuse for otherwise manly men to get all gay
Do the Fawn! Dav! DAV! DO IT YOU QUEEF!
by gnome October 22, 2004
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