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Fauve is low key really sexy. She is very innocent and gets really stressed when she doesn't know what's going on. But don't be fooled, she loves surprises. She might take things slow but she'll be honest about it. Not a very good listener but she tries to work on it. Loves talking. Very book smart but not street smart. She likes stability and sometimes you have to push her to take risks. DO NOT FUCK WITH HER! She is capable of things that you wouldn't think she could be. Loves movies and music. Likes to be treated well. Shows that she is very confident but in reality she's super insecure. A very good flirt!
Joe: I'm falling in love with Fauve, man.

Casey: really?
Joe: yeah. Her imperfections are just becoming invisible. She's really amazing!
by Agathalove September 01, 2016
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Fauve is a really smart girl. She has cake and always looks good. Also she looks the best in purple and has many friends. Plus if you get to know her she is a awesome person. Never judge a person with the name Fauve until you actually meat them.
Fauve is an awesome person.
by You_Know_420 May 12, 2016
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Good friend, fun, intelligent and witty. A very good horserider as well! ;)
wow, i wish i was fauve.
by alison May 03, 2004
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