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An attractive man with good body shape, but has a child trapped in him. He is closed about his relationships (past and currently) and is likely to be unfaithful. If not gay, straight faustos are attracted to girls that are hard to get and have nice legs. They may suddenly change their mind without warning. Lack of personality
c says:I was once dating a man who I don't even remember, he left without saying good-bye and after two months I heard he had two girlfriends already.

p says: Wow he was totally a Fausto.
by ric-ogts-dr August 20, 2009
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The handsomest, funniest, sweetest, sexiest, best guy ever! He makes me so happy and I'm so glad he's mine! I LOVE HIM SOOO MUCH!
I wish I could have a boy like Fausto.
by rdc0trr December 06, 2010
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A big lipped muthafucka with a fine ass mom.
Yo, Rossi Ossi Spumonti I sniffed Fousto's mom's underwear.
by Philip Murillo December 15, 2003
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The dominant person in a relationship with a very gorgeous skin tone prefers to be referred as daddy by all the bitches with very nice hair and a very long cock and is mostly attracted to booty
Omg is that a Fausto right there

I was dreaming about me having a Fausto

Fausto has a very large cock
by The Fausto April 26, 2016
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Fausto was born in Haiti he came to the us with aspirations of becoming a nascar driver unfortunately he drives way to fast even for nascar
Fausto dosen't abide to speed limits fausto is a speed demon #rickybobby
by Ricky Bobby GO FAST February 24, 2019
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