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Extreme seminal back-up caused by coming close to getting pussy and not getting it or not getting any for a long period of time. Aslo caused by long periods of semi-sexual activity and not getting any. ex: Dry humping, hand/blow jobs and not cumming.
My girlfriend can't blow and I got blue balls.
by Philip Murillo December 03, 2003

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When a bunch of people hit each other with pillows and the last one standing wins.
Pillow Fight
by Philip Murillo December 03, 2003

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National Basketball Association
You play in the NBA.
by Philip Murillo December 08, 2003

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One of the sickest, quickest, Killa Cali rappers with the most flow.
Young Droop
by Philip Murillo November 17, 2003

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A big lipped muthafucka with a fine ass mom.
Yo, Rossi Ossi Spumonti I sniffed Fousto's mom's underwear.
by Philip Murillo December 15, 2003

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unparalleled master of rhyme; scientific blend of technique and numerology: nine is the number of completion--nine months of pregnancy, nine lives, 360 degrees (a complete rotation 3+6+0=9)the completness is not 'finished' but 'mastered,' the technique is complete heat.
Psycho alpha skitso Tech N9ne.
by Philip Murillo November 07, 2003

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Sex; Derived from the term stuffing someone like a turkey.
I'm horney, that must mean it's turkey time.
by Philip Murillo December 03, 2003

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