A derogatory term used to describe overweight people
Look at that fatty over there she needs to lose weight
by Russo919 March 18, 2013
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Another way to call someone fat or obese.
by kojuhuyh August 12, 2012
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Brit- The sexiest azz chubby woman ever. You may have ordered medium size onion rings but you got King. And no you had more like 25 onion rings not 8 don't lie.Also, she is a J-O-O (cuz she has no coordination)
" YO, fatty went to burger king for some onion rings."

"Guarantee you fatty comes back with King size"
by Chubbz April 5, 2005
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A Big Butt . Like Ghetto Booty . Most Guys Love A Fatty On A Chick .
Dayum, That Girl Hasa Hella Huge Fatty .
by SN0W BUNNY August 13, 2007
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DID you see the fatty on him? Talk about bootylicious...
by DarkNova November 20, 2001
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Slightly larger than a chubby, yet not fully erect.
Damn, that bitch gave me a fatty.

Fucking Aye, you gave me another fatty.
by Spike69 August 3, 2006
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