Comical Jamaican slang for a severely obese female. The "boom-boom" is denoted NOT for the sound she makes when she walks, but for the onomatopoeic reference to the way in which the fatty tissue “bounces” during movement; especially in regards to the breasts and biotical areas, but also applies to the arms, legs, and abdomen. Generally, too big to be appealing.
All I saw at the beach today were a couple of skinnies and a fatty boom boom.
by BCool October 14, 2003
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Commonly used name for the Chelsea and England midfielder Frank Lampard, a.k.a Fat Frank, Frank Lump-a-lard and Lardy the ground trembler. He is described as Fatty Boom Boom not only for his increasing girth but also due to his weight of shot - he has a right foot like a cannon though without the precision rifling that would confer accuracy. Most of his shots fly over the bar.
"Would someone tell Fatty Boom Boom to pass the ball to Gerrard rather than blasting it over the bar."
"That Fatty Boom Boom couldn't hit a cow's arse with a banjo"
by DudleyJason June 30, 2006
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1. An overweight person
2. An overweight wanker
3. An Overweight person that thinks they know every thing but actually knows fuck all.
oh fuck here cums fatty boom boom, Mr know fuck all, what a fucking tosser.
by Deek May 14, 2003
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We Associate That Word With Fat Arse Chavs That Get On The Bus And Play Some Crappy Music That's Lyircs Consist Of People Shouting And Talking About The Other People They Have Laid.
'Ohh My God. Fatty Boom Boom Alert. I Repeat Fatty Boom Boom Alert. Put All Phones, iPod and MP3s Safely In Ones Bra In Case Of The High Chance Of Theft.'
by GreasyKidChronicles May 17, 2008
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From a song from the 60's called, guess what, Fatty Boom Boom. Made famous in this decade by Ali G in da House.
Hey Fatty Boom Boom, you sweet sugar dumpling. Just because you're so big and fat, don't believe im afraid of that.
'Look at the size of him! HEY FATTY BOOM BOOM, does fatty want another cream cake, BOOOIING, BOOOIING'
by Boatie Dane May 26, 2004
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