Similar to cat fishing but solely when someone's online profile portrays them as being far skinnier than they actually are.
that red head from tinder the other week, was totally fat fishing me, her selfie and filter game was on point
by Drath1995 October 18, 2017
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a person who catfishes you into thinking they’re skinnier than they are
by princesspettyx August 24, 2017
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Type of cat fish,used on the internet and social media. Defined as a person who uses a generic profile picture or angles the camera to give the impression that they are slim or of a smaller body type,when in fact they are obese or out of shape .
I saw a girl in a Facebook group that I thought was hot untill I scrolled through her pictures and realized she was a fat fish
by SIN77 February 19, 2019
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Someone who carries influence. An important person, a big shot.
Translated from the Spanish term pez gordo.
He runs this school. He's a real fat fish on campus.

Él dirige esta escuela. Es un pez gordo real en el campus.
by Fondude May 30, 2011
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A fat-fish is a name appied to a person or animal, that is not necessarily overweight, who is being greedy, selfish, snobbish, or a hater.
Ben was certainly being a fat-fish on his birthday; he wouldn't share his birthday cake, and spent the afternoon talking smack about his brother.
by progre55ive December 3, 2009
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Jubby Fat Fish is a term used to describe someone with latent homosexual tendencies, an abundance of ideas often linked to terrorism, as well as a lover of young boys and girls.

The "fish" section of the name comes from the 7 second brain span the Jubby Fat Fish has, seemingly forgetting any new information and referring back to its obsessions (often child related) and agendas (also likely child related).
Person 1: Wow I think this is really really bad


Person 1: It's child pornography, Jubb...
by MarshallBrigade July 5, 2021
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