Army jargon for snack cakes such as honey buns, zebra cakes, twinkies, muffins, hostess cakes, etc.
You've been eating too many fat cakes soldier!
by Grey23 April 19, 2011
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A cake that is white and fluffy with LOTS of frosting.

A fat dick with lots of "frosting" and a cherry on top.
unzip your boyfriends pants after you make him horny.

Haley-"Billy why are you being a Fat Cake?"
Billy-"A what?!?"
Haley-"A fat cake! your being a Fat Cake!!"
Billy-"A fat cake... SWEET!"

Shania and Haley- *laughing*
by baseballchick December 21, 2011
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awesomely awesome... its a cake ball filled with marshmallow cream and covered in sugar! can be fried
a fat cake is like a peep but way better and awesomer
by Fat kids crave the fattness January 14, 2012
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No good scammer that should never be trusted with any amount of cash in runescape. He has scammed nearly 500mil+. He will befriend you one moment, and backstab you the next, don't give into his lies, he may convince you otherwise, but in the end, you'll just be his next victim. The only upside is that, he believes that runescape is more than just a game, it's his life, preserved in a server somewhere. This brings me, and many others great joy, because the more he scams, the more he is sucked into this imaginary world, and the more 'real' life he loses. Let's just observe him, slowly killing himself, and enjoy it. Doesn't that just make you feel all warm inside?
scammer, loser, child, immature, cunt, prick, tool, hillbilly(I mean have you seen his commentaries?), ah, I could go on for a while... but you get it fat man cake
by Wouldn't you like to know :3 January 07, 2012
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"Christ, this smells like someone had a big fat chocolate cake in here!"

"Bob, get your fucking head out of the toilet."
by jockerty May 02, 2019
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When someone you know, e.g. A peer, takes a dump on your personal belongings on your birthday. Also he then smears it in.
I can't believe what happened on my birthday dude, Stewart took a big fat jobby cake on my brand new macbook pro .

Totally gutted.
by jobbycake March 20, 2016
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