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Army jargon for snack cakes such as honey buns, zebra cakes, twinkies, muffins, hostess cakes, etc.
You've been eating too many fat cakes soldier!
by Grey23 April 19, 2011
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awesomely awesome... its a cake ball filled with marshmallow cream and covered in sugar! can be fried
a fat cake is like a peep but way better and awesomer
by Fat kids crave the fattness January 14, 2012
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(1) One who overly indulges in consumption

(2) A soon to be tub of lard
(1) Ooohh, I ate too many swiss cake rolls! I'm a fatcake!!

(2) Cameron! You ate an entire XL Papa Johns pizza by yourself? You're going to be a fatcake!!
by oi-oi-oi April 13, 2009
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1. Noun. A person who eats too much fattening food or a fat person.

2. Noun. A fattening snack cake.
1. "Look at that fatcake eating that pizza. Disgusting."
2. "OMG I just ran out of fatcakes T-T"
by The Six of One July 06, 2010
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"Hey fatcakes get me some pickles."
"Fatcakes come here for your slap."
by PEEMAN1 July 19, 2003
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'Fatcakes' is a nickname given to cool people named Fatima. The name Fatcakes is only used by only a few people, and the person nicknamed Fatcakes will punch your lights out if you're not one of those few people and you call her that.
Shravya: "Hey Fatcakes, what's up?"
Fatima: "Nothing, just bored."
Stranger:"Hi Fatcakes!!"
Fatima: *knocks unconsciouss* -Oops my bad.
by purpleissocool<3 April 28, 2011
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