To live a fast life means to be reckless. To be spontaneous to the point of never thinking anything through to the end before doing it. You might have heard the term “to live fast and loose”. It's with little or no regard for what our actions do to other people. ... They are living a fast life.
Esmeralda partied for weeks nonstop, she’s living that fast life!
by Sultryangell June 8, 2020
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A lifestyle that will land you dead or in jail at any given moment. There are many different ways to live the fast life. These include drug dealing, robbing, gang banging or prostituting your body for money. The fast life is often a perilous career path for hustlers who make money fast in the streets. Consequently, fast life hustlers that make it to old age without being imprisoned, crippled or killed is rare because negative actions have negative consequences. Karma is a bitch. However, living fast does not necessarily involve hustling. A rock star that snorts too much blow or dope and fucks too many groupies and ends up overdosing or contracting AIDS is an example of living too fast. Living fast is also usually correlated with consistent heavy long-term drug and alcohol abuse and sexual promiscuity. People who live the fast life often lack morals, so they consistently choose to engage in dangerous, reckless activity that endangers their own well-being and safety as well of others.

It is easy to start living fast and let your life spiral out of control. The best remedy is to surround yourself with positive people, develop a strong set of morals, enjoy drugs & drinks in moderation and keep a good relationship with God and you'll be alright.
Fast Life- He likes to wheel and deal.
Fast Life- He likes to rob and steal.
Fast Life- How long can a good thing last?
Fast Life- Your future can be your past.
by Realidad May 30, 2009
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Our lives are short and time passes quickly. One day you are a child and then an adult and then one day you find yourself old looking back on your life that went by so fast. Make sure you stop and smell the roses or life will pass you by. Life is short.
"I look back on my children and grandchildren and realized how fast life is."
by Expurgator December 20, 2011
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in the wise words of Sandra to a one tomeslice and evlad, "don't u go living the fast life."
the fast life (n): blackout nights, blackout girls, shanking feet, girls wanting to throw up all over, thinking you can drink 48 beers by yourself, pregnant hooters waitresses, stupid questions, house music, creeping up behind gals shirtless, a whole lotta C game, and finally- one night of debauchery equals 2 weeks of regret.
conversation while living the fast life:

south beach girl # 42: "fuck you"
evlad "yo, did u see my game? she wants me"
marc: "shut-up you're an idiot"
anthony: "yo i saw that evlad she wanted you"
tomeslice: "20 bucks says she didnt want you"
anthony: "i'll take that bet, i'm not paying for this club"
scott "can i hit evan?"
evlad: "i go to UF"
by TL and JE January 6, 2008
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