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1 definition by TL and JE

in the wise words of Sandra to a one tomeslice and evlad, "don't u go living the fast life."
the fast life (n): blackout nights, blackout girls, shanking feet, girls wanting to throw up all over, thinking you can drink 48 beers by yourself, pregnant hooters waitresses, stupid questions, house music, creeping up behind gals shirtless, a whole lotta C game, and finally- one night of debauchery equals 2 weeks of regret.
conversation while living the fast life:

south beach girl # 42: "fuck you"
evlad "yo, did u see my game? she wants me"
marc: "shut-up you're an idiot"
anthony: "yo i saw that evlad she wanted you"
tomeslice: "20 bucks says she didnt want you"
anthony: "i'll take that bet, i'm not paying for this club"
scott "can i hit evan?"
evlad: "i go to UF"
by TL and JE January 6, 2008
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