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Refers to a very mysterious, very beautiful, blonde woman. Farrans usually have many mysteries and secrets and like to keep people on their toes. They are unique as their name is. One can find a Farran in any place in the world as Farrans often seek adventure in foreign lands and new places. Farrans are very seductive using their eyes confidence and accents to lure men. Farrans are more likely than not heartbreakers but are known for their undying love and loyalty to one man in a lifetime, and have been known to have broken hearts themselves. Farrans have the need to feel free. If you let one do her own thing she will most likely return to you, but the more controlled and caged she feels the further she'll fly away from you.
Marilyn Monroe was such a farran in her day.

That farran is one lion I'd love to tame. *rawr
by farranbrokemyheart October 01, 2009
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A queer young male generally aged fourteen and has hair that closely resembles that of a woman. You generally find these patrolling the streets of Auckland mostly trying to pop a squat outside the local gay bars.
"Dude that girls hair is totally Farran." "Don't do that you'll turn into a Farran."
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