A good looking girl with an addictive and amazing personality who you'd you'd do anything to spend a couple of minutes around.

A female who attracts men and is smart enough to mess with the minds of trouble seekers .

Also meaning "Joy" and "power" shows she does not sink down to others' levels and only never gives her competitors attention
as she knows theres really none.
Farrah isnt the one to play with , she has standards you know
Farrah doesnt just take orders from anyone

Farrah knows who she is and where she came from
by coolkat554 February 22, 2015
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A smart, beautiful, talented girl with a great sense of humor and a heart of gold. She knows how to make people laugh and is guaranteed to bring out the best in others. Farrah is the best person to have by your side. If you're fortunate enough to fall in love with her, you won't be able to imagine being with anyone else. But beware of a Farrah... one kiss and you're hooked for good.
Guy: Dude, what happened to you?
Dazed Boy: Idk man, Farrah came up to me and kissed me. I can't stop smiling!
Guy: Lucky! I wish Farrah would kiss me.
by Phireste September 11, 2012
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a super hot amazing girl with an addictive personality, and you'd do anything to be with.
a girl that would and could tear your heart out and eat it, but you'd enjoy every second of it.
id kill babies to be with farrah.
by limeit October 06, 2008
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1. One with Fair hair. 2. A female who's beauty can only be matched by the night sky on a clear night from a mountain top. 3. A female brave enough to stand up and look a killer in the eyes without fear. 4. A female genetically engineered to be perfect in every way, so that all other females have something to strive to be. 5. A photo of Farrah will always resemble a goddess with long blonde hair, a beautiful smile, and a body that can put men into a trance.

6. A sexual beast who's unbelievable appetite can only be satisfied by a nearly lethal dose of KEVIN See KEVIN
Oh my god! I've never seen the solar system look so Farrah. or..... I haven't had sex in over a year! I hope I don't run into a FARRAH tonight, I don't think I could survive the encounter.
by fair.as.my.life January 19, 2015
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Farrah is a hot/beautiful girl,she has Really nice hair and a nice booty...Everybody loves her because of her addicting personality,There not scared of anyone or anything there very bold and people stick around them for this reason,All the boys LOVE them but they think all guys are F*ckBOYS also Farrah’s can dress and love shoes they have the best smile ever and they tell it how they see it,they don’t care about your feelings and will fight you,Oh and they have nice Skin and there funny ass fuck,they take things seriously so watch what you say but there Farrah’s are very Bright and there the spotlight always
Farrah has everything a girl could ever want!
by KellyLee January 17, 2019
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A girl who is very sexy. Her brown hair as soft silk. And an ass that is so perfect. And cute freckles on her face.
by 1wsch tdd chj December 04, 2018
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The most attractive girl you've ever seen in real life. Blonde, fun, and super hot. And she's cool too.
Oh man, that new chick is a "Farrah".
by seydat February 06, 2010
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