Fariz is a name of uniqueness, it not a common name, but ones which is bestowed upon those who enjoy simple things pleasures in life. Things such as the Joy you feel when your food arrives after ordering it after doing a 40 hour famine. The joy of your warm drycleaned pyjamas in a winter evening as it snows outside and you have received your hot chocolate from your loving.. carer. Those named Fariz are often mistaken for perez, chris or other names. It is part of the charm of their name, it is a name which sparks conversations as people often ask where it is from. Fariz doesn't even know where it's from, so it is a good way for him to express his creativity by giving it a background that he can fabricate from his own intelligent mind. Fariz is a very Intelligent and creative person, who is also by the way very good looking in a rugged sort of way.
Latrell - Yo, Thats Whack!
Duane - Nah Dawg, Thats FARIZ!
by Jack-Package August 30, 2014
the asian guy that always has glasses on
de 44 jaar oude man had zich vergist en heet farizal
by brixton bullie101 December 17, 2021
sweet talker everyone loves him so much

even his ex could not move on even though she find someone who is more attractive then him
not so intelligent but very intelligent in making people laugh
he never hurt someone's feelings
he is a soft talker with a heart
salvia : I'm so scared,he will get angry
amin : don't worry he is fariz danish
by indigocyan August 28, 2019
The term used for wanting to leave in a rush.
Hey guys, I'm Farizing-out!
by sameoldp November 16, 2020
A ferocious name born to be a great person, wise, even the mighty Leonidas bow to him. Mortal and Gods from the seven realms honor to him. And also he's a cute guy
do you remember when Fariz came, the earth start shaking
by Zerfury November 23, 2021
Men who are attractive, intelligent, educated, have character, and have manners. He understands the situation and is able to make it an opportunity, he is also kind to everyone he meets. May God always bless him and make him a grateful person.
Hey fariz, where have you been? Fariz you are the best!
by paradies July 26, 2022