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Fariz is a name of uniqueness, it not a common name, but ones which is bestowed upon those who enjoy simple things pleasures in life. Things such as the Joy you feel when your food arrives after ordering it after doing a 40 hour famine. The joy of your warm drycleaned pyjamas in a winter evening as it snows outside and you have received your hot chocolate from your loving.. carer. Those named Fariz are often mistaken for perez, chris or other names. It is part of the charm of their name, it is a name which sparks conversations as people often ask where it is from. Fariz doesn't even know where it's from, so it is a good way for him to express his creativity by giving it a background that he can fabricate from his own intelligent mind. Fariz is a very Intelligent and creative person, who is also by the way very good looking in a rugged sort of way.
Latrell - Yo, Thats Whack!
Duane - Nah Dawg, Thats FARIZ!
by Jack-Package August 30, 2014
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