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The light. An beautiful angel. a kind person filled with happiness and prosperity, and will make you feel amazing infinitely. Good lovers and incredibly Beautiful inside and out. Very intelligent people. They will do their absolute best to please anyone they care about. Easy to fall in love with. Don't let her get away if you have her.
Wow look at her she's beautiful.

She must be a Farisha
by xlovethewayouliex November 17, 2013
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Loving, caring, always broken with her ex boyfriend. love her friend. pretty much. cute. little lazy. always laugh even have a big problem. open minded girl. love to cook.
hey, are you farisha?
by frsha April 22, 2018
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Farisha is a kind girl. Once you hurt her, she can turn to someone mean.
Don't hurt Farisha.
by F family November 03, 2018
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