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Fardy,One of the most amzing sweet,caring ,loving friends you would ever have.
Not just by his name sounds werid but with many talents!
Loves to play soccer,Xbox,etc.
short,Funny,Adorable,just memories to make with.
With Fardy is the best to have times, may not be a real Brother but he is to me!I love you fardy❤️➰❤️
Fardy:My Mom Tried to make me mop the floors,so I said no so she got the broom and started to spank me.
Me:Omg lmbo
by Jenayyyy May 07, 2018
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A fart propelled tardy on the toilet. This is not to be confused with the common shart (AKA shit fart) which occurs in your underwear.
"Guess what I did this morning? A nice fardy!"

" I feel a fardy coming on."
by Papell June 17, 2012
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