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The process of updating Facebook, while in the bathroom, on the toilet, or while pooing.

This usually happens at work where you can take private time to comment on Facebook happenings.

This does not exclude checking e-mail (personal) or any other web browsing in general.
"Sorry I am late to the meeting, I was Fapooing."
"Anyone seen Bob?" "He is probably Fapooing."
by 7&7 August 15, 2011
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The process of fapping and pooing at the same time. The enjoyment comes from the anal stimulation provided alongside the self stimulation of the fap. Seasoned fapooers will learn to extend the process with a gentle pushing out and sucking in of the poo to mimic anal penetration.
Rodney Galereux: Nebu, you were in the toilet for like 45 minutes, what the hell were you doing in there? I'm going to be late for work and also it smells weird.

Nebu: What I was doing was pooing, well, not just pooing, fapooing.

Rodney Galereux: You sicken me
by cassiusgay June 02, 2018
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