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A game in which two or more males (usually adolescent) attempt to earn what are called 'Banana Points' by pimp slapping each others testicles with the back of the hand at the most opportune and unexpected moments over an extended period of time. It is customary for a player to shout the name of the game when a slap makes particularly good contact.
Nebu: I think I'm going to order the crab salad.
James: Ballsack Wackalack
Nebu: Aaaaahhhh my balls, aaaaaah I'm gonna get you so bad...aaaaaaaahhh!
by cassiusgay September 04, 2009
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A pair of particularly tasty testicles.
'I've sucked on some salty balls, but you've got a great pair of taste-icles'
by cassiusgay August 20, 2009
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Someone so confused and sexually naive that they attempt to masturbate their whole ass instead of the correct sexual anatomy.
'yeah, that nebu, he's a right bumwanker'
by cassiusgay August 20, 2009
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The landing strip of bony flesh between a one's testicles or vulva and one's anus. Officially known as a perineum, and affectionately known as a gooch.
Rodney Galereux had gone at Nebu for a full blown ballsack wackalack hoping for the prize of some cherished banana points, but with seconds to spare, Nebu dodged the slap and Rodney's back-hand hit him square in the buttywudder.
by cassiusgay July 17, 2016
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