better than fantastic. Absolutely the most fantastic thing in the world. Nothing can beat this. even the hottest or sexiest guy in the world pales in comparison.
That guy is fantastic, but that guy is absolutely fantastical!
Fun parks are fantastical

Last night was sooooo fantastical Andrew
by Haaaaazzza July 4, 2015
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A lie so outrageous that one could never imagine it to be untrue. Usually a statement made by a disgruntled ex wife.
My ex wife who cannot spell cat told my family she was an international construction tycoon she also told them her father was a siamese twin to which they replied what a fascinating background! The stories are so FANTASTICAL they believed her.
by poboy4 July 13, 2018
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That something looks too good to be true.Created by my friend Chelsea :)
What a *fantastical* drawing.It could be a Disney movie!
by Jessiee. Jj June 5, 2021
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furbus the one and only is the hottest mf and be ever seen. he is very charming and loving. he can get any woman he pleases. furb loves to eat turkey and treats. he is a cat. his sister,turd tried to steal his spotlight at some moments but it never works because furb the slayer is always number 1.
wait who’s the sexiest cat alive?
oh that’s furb the fantastic.
by shermancum September 12, 2021
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sorry, I gotta go take a fantastic means that you are troubled or bored or whatever and that consequently you want to leave. perhaps to think perhaps just to be alone without present company. an announcement of leave-taking without explanations.
see example above - as intro to the definition. i don't want to get technical or quibble about how you fill this thing out. i gotta take a fantastic.
by yogurt steele November 7, 2013
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