A person that shows all the signs of being part of a fandom including interacting with the fandom, but refuses to acknowledge that they are part of it.

aka they are a fan of the fandom, but want to disassociate or make themselves feel better than the regular fans. Rather than just say there are things in the fandom that they don't enjoy.
Person 1: I'm glad you are an Anime Otaku like me.

Person 2: Oh no, I'm not an Otaku. Sure, I watch anime, read manga, I'm trying to learn to speak/read japanese, attend anime conventions, cosplay in public, make ball jointed dolls and named my cats Raichu and Sephiroth, but I'm not like you.

Person 1: Ummm... I'm going to go over here now.

Person 2: Ok, see you at the Cosplay meet this weekend?
(person 1 walks away)

Person 1: That guy is such a Fanfan.
by Erith December 06, 2012
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Where one person shaves there pubes cuts there victims eye lashes off then jizzes across victims face and sticks the pubes on to replace the missing eye lashes.
I will fanfan magic you if you don't obey to me
by Reggae shark October 30, 2014
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