this is a nigerian word popularly used amongst the children of the rich elite especially in lagos

u know, students in grange,whitesand,greensprings lekki and anthony, redeemer's, vivian fowler, lagoon, a-hall, olashore, avi-ceena, dowen, corona e.t.c

it defines a situation in which some1 tries to familiarise with you cuz they've herd bout u cuz ur such a friggn legend or cuz ur popular , this som1 btw isnt in ur social circle or may be or could even just be tryn to get into it just so they cn say "shiit i know him/her, we're friends"

noun: famz


pronoun: that guy is a famza
richkidin his "social circle

unknown kid:hey guyz whuts up

richkidin his "social circle : uhm, i'm good

unknown kid :ai later

other richkisalso in social circle: chill, do u know that person?

richkidin his social circle: no man the guy is just doin famz
by bad guyzzzz June 26, 2010
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1) This is when you are listing in to someone else's conversation and you and you answer something that wasn’t meant for you.

2)It can also mean when you go up to someone you don’t know and start talking to them as if you have been together forever.
Person 1: *listening in to the group conversation*

Person 2: *asking person 3* Do you know where we have to go now?

Person 1: Yes we have to go down the road.

Person 2: I don’t know who asked you. That is famz.


Person 1: *comes up to group and gives them all a hug then runs away*

Person 3: What was that about?

Person 2: Don’t mind him, he was doing famz.
by Scisci January 5, 2013
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Famzing; coined from the english word 'familiar' depicts the act of a 'normal' citizen tryna act familiar, suck up or even pretend to be close to celebrities.
Jack is famzing Kanye West

Annie is such a famzer! Sheesh!
by Kelzamogu August 18, 2011
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Famz is a term derived by Lagos youth and popularly used by Nigerian youth as a whole.

It is the act of being too friendly or familiar with some one you don't know.
The musician was heavily famzed by random girls last night.
by MsSupreme May 9, 2011
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To murk, kill, chief, damage, slew, murder, destroy, annihilate, defame, cause grievance to, humiliate etc. someone or something.

"Famz" is derived from the actor of murking something with the fam, although it is now also used as an individual act, i.e. you can famz something up on your own.
"we beat the shit out of that guy" "yeah we famzd him up"

"i spat the hottest 16 ever, I could famz up any MC"

"those south manz shot up my endz last night, im goin down there to famz them all up"

"you just threw a brick through my window" "yeah blood you just got famzd!"
by Jubsey Gullymandem April 8, 2008
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your friends who are close to you... mainly used by New Yorkers on Long Island
Wassup Famz?
Yeah that's my famz right there
Nah fmz
by Cynthia Bradley May 25, 2005
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Famz (noun)

This is the common slang used by west African students. It means that someone wants to get attention from someone else because of the persons social status or wealth or maybe just to interact with such persons either for friendship or to get something . This word is often related with sycophants
I want to go and Famz that girl over there
by kalcifer August 11, 2017
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